Why hire an Event Photographer?

Your guests will spend time and money to look their best for your special gathering. What is a better token of appreciation than a high quality photo of them?

Our Offer

We will make sure every guest who wants to be photographed has professional, beautiful, high resolution photos. These photos will be cherished and will bring up memories of your festivities for years to come. 

  • Within 24h (48h for some events) all curated photos will be available online in a password protected gallery. 
  • You and your guests will have 1 year of free downloads of full resolution images. 
  • Slideshow can be played straight from the online gallery on your large screen TV or computer. 
  • The online gallery allows you to order prints, canvas, and keepsakes. These are shipped straight from the lab. 

How we work

  • We hire for the right attitude. 
  • We train our associates. 
  • We come dressed and groomed for your event. All black conservative attire, unless requested otherwise. 
  • We use professional equipment suitable for high volume work. 
  • We bring a spare of every piece of equipment with us to your event. 
  • We partner with the best image hosting platforms to deliver an intuitive and enjoyable experience to you and your guests. 
  • We love what we do and rejoice seeing the pleasure our images bring to our clients.

Can you do it yourself?  Yes.

Here is how we’ve seen it done before:

Why hire us?. Event Photography in New York tri-state area

Self-service Scenario A

  1. Host asks guests to take photos with their phones or cameras. 
  2. Host asks guests to email or DropBox photos to them after the event.  
  3. Host collects images and curates them. More technically advanced host will edit the images. 
  4. Host pays online image hosting platform to share the images with the guests. 
  5. Host handles requests from the guests to remove images they perceive as unflattering.
Why hire us?. Event Photography in New York tri-state area

Self-service Scenario B

  1. Host asks a gifted teenager or an uncle to take photos for free or for a nominal compensation.
  2. The gifted family member spends the duration of the event taking photos. 
  3. After the event the gifted family member spends 5 times the duration of the event culling and editing photos, figuring out how to share them with the rest of the party, and addressing complaints. 
  4. If the gifted family member does not give up on photography after enduring all of the above, we may offer them a job.

Is this an Art?   No.

Event Photography is a 99% skilled labor.